The Boor Hug & Mixed Doubles

Written by Georges Feydeau
The Boor Hug directed by Terry Schroell
Mixed Doubles directed by Collin Semenoff

2018/19 Season — May 2019

An evening (or matinee) of French food and farces where you get two shows for the price of one! Enjoy a night of great food and laughs with two one-act classic French farces from the master himself—Georges Feydeau! ​

In The Boor Hug, Casimir could use some help landing a rich wife. Unfortunately, help comes in the form of a bumbling, witless, country manservant named Flugel.

In Mixed Doubles, madness ensues when Pompe-Nicole and Bordeleau arrive at Chez Dominique, where they encounter an overly-friendly maitre d’ and his wife. But are their society ladies really who they appear to be?