Ethan Claymore Poster

Ethan Claymore

Written by Norm Foster
Directed by Elizabeth Reynolds

2018/19 Season — December 2018

"Deserves a place alongside A Christmas Carol." — Long Island Newsday

Ethan Claymore, an artist at heart who moved to the community years ago to live “the simple life” has been mourning his dead wife for five years. He secludes himself and buries his head and heart into his failing egg farming business. That is, until determined, curmudgeonly neighbour Douglas takes matters into his own hands by setting Ethan up with the new schoolteacher, Teresa.

Add to this a surprise visit from his very recently deceased brother, Martin to resolve deep-seated family resentment, and we see Ethan slowly open himself up to the possibilities of life and love.

Ethan Claymore is staged by arrangement with Pam Winter, GGA,